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Mediterranean House Design Ideas: 11 Most Charming Ones In Th World

Mediterranean homes are categorized as one building style, but there are a lot of different styles. It's ranging from the simplest ones to the most complex models and designs, and it can differ based on looks - whether rustic or contemporary/modern.

Some of the well-known types of Mediterranean housing include Moroccan, Southwestern, Spanish, Tuscan and Italian. The key characters of Mediterranean home is that they always present rich textures to gain more warmth.

Inside, the floor is often constructed in colorful patterns, while people love to combine that modern flooring with vintage styled ceiling featuring wood beams. For exterior features, you will find lovely terra-cotta tiles, stucco details and arch-based windows.

Here are a couple pieces of pictures for Mediterranean house design ideas. Hope they attract your eyes as well as feelings to imitate.

mediterranean home design ideas
Mediterranean style homes design ideas
The most common styling of a Mediterranean; built higher and utilizing the basement as a garage.

beautiful mediterranean homes
beautiful Mediterranean style homes
Our pick choice in this case. It's clearly simple but rich of arts.

mediterranean home accents
Mediterranean home decor design
The owner seems to prefer contemporary ideas for his stately dwelling. Just at a glance, you'll suddenly get a real comfort.

mediterranean home architecture
Mediterranean home architecture ideas
Climbing plants are schemed as simple accessories, but it results a dramatic sight. Highly recommended to try yourself.

mediterranean home decor blogs
Mediterranean home decor accents
Traditional style of a two-story Mediterranean, treating both people and vehicle entrance in the same ways.

mediterranean home decor ideas
Mediterranean home decor pictures
This Mediterranean single story building definitely looks more modern; wider, open front yard sets a freedom for a beautiful panorama.

mediterranean home decor pinterest
Mediterranean home decor style
What we call "stucco", built in a big size but one story, painted in cream to adjust the dim lighting.

mediterranean home decor stores
Mediterranean home decorating ideas
Adopting an intimate courtyard with outdoor kitchen makes this Park Lane friendly to look at. It has no lack in terms of layout.

mediterranean home exterior colors
Mediterranean home designs photos
 This could be the smallest one, while the backyard should give a big point to consider.

mediterranean home exterior design
Mediterranean home exterior design

From here you see a pretty view on the outdoor with exciting patio as the main feature. The rustic lighting completes everything.

mediterranean home exterior photos
Mediterranean home exteriors
A medium-size Mediterranean house designed in two stories located in Los Angeles which belongs to Spanish Colonial Revival.

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Mediterranean House Design Ideas: 11 Most Charming Ones In Th World
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