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What Is Mediterranean House Design? Let's define it!

Definition of Mediterranean design - Mediterranean architecture or Mediterranean Revival architecture is type of architectural styles brought into the United States during the late 19th century, influenced by European tastes of Spanish Colonial, Italian Renaissance, Spanish Renaissance, Venetian Ghotic and Beaux-Arts. The journey began from the states of Florida and California mostly found in coastal villas. The characteristics depart from rectangle shaped floor plans and symmetrically designed facades. More details, the Mediterranean adopts stucco plastered walls and red colored roofing tiles. They can be one or more story buildings (1 & 2 are the most common) with either circled or arched window leaves.
mediterranean interior design definition

Mediterranean styles are these days generally applied to commercial buildings such as hotels and apartments - while you may still find a lot of residences. Simply notice, this kind of architectural concept comes from some countries border with Mediterranean sea. Yes, it's rich and varying. The natural sense of Mediterranean design is living in home to enjoy the nature. Many of them are available in calm painted walls of yellow, salmon and peach. Overall the look, it serves us an enjoyable structure of a house. On outdoors; additional parts include beautiful verandas, porches, patios and balconies.

What about landscaping? Since Mediterranean home design is formed of a number of basic sources, you might not see barriers in terms of modifying the yards. Think of an Italian or Spanish garden full of flowers featuring energetic fountains. Certainly, palm trees must not be overlooked to add more warm atmosphere.

Almost all constructions are built in similar cues of elements and approaches. Typical foyers, huge, open living space, and spacious dining rooms and kitchens are all defined the fads. Hand crafted pieces of furniture remarkably contribute to the conception. Imagine you sit down on a sturdy, large chair or sofa, while facing a wide wooden table.

Vintage tune continuous to flooring, adopted terra cotta square tiles and Venetian or Etruscan plasters - smoothness is till accentuated, anyway. In more luxurious ways, limestone and marble are sometimes applicated.

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What Is Mediterranean House Design? Let's define it!
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